About Mito Biopharma

Mito Biopharma

Mito Biopharma is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on targeting mitochondria and cellular metabolism modulation to develop therapeutics. Mitochondria are at the center of cellular metabolism, and alteration in mitochondrial function causally contributes to many diseases such as NASH, type 2 diabetes, lipid disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and aging in general (see Illustration). It has long been proposed that these diseases could be effectively treated by modulating or correcting mitochondrial function.


Mitochondria and Diseases of Our Era

Mito Biopharma has a small molecule-based technology and lead compounds that embody the therapeutic strategy of “correcting” or modulating such mitochondrial functions. By increasing mitochondrial uncoupling, the various types of mitochondrial uncouplers (miunins) developed by the company can limit the output of material (building block metabolites) and by-product (ROS) from mitochondria, thereby impact the diseases such as NASH, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and possibly neurodegenerative diseases. The company prioritizes liver-based diseases such as NASH, type 2 diabetes, and certain liver-based orphan drug diseases. The company has identified IND leads for NASH, type 2 diabetes, liver metastasized cancer, with the anticipation of initiating IND-enabling studies in 2021. Moreover, the R&D team is generating an extended pipeline of candidate compounds suitable for other indications related to metabolism to capture the full value of its platform technology. Mito Biopharma’s core technology has been exclusively licensed from Rutgers University.