Research and Development

Development of MT1-47 for treating type II diabetes

MT1, a small molecule compound with an excellent safety profile, has been tested in high-fat diet induced diabetic mouse model as well as in db/db diabetic mouse model as a proof of concept compound. The compound shows excellent efficacy in preventing and treating steatosis and diabetes. The company is initiating IND-enabling studies on MT1-47, a derivative lead compound. Successful completion of these studies and filing of the MT1-47 IND application will trigger second investment for the early phases of MT1-47 clinical trials.


Medicinal Chemistry Research for Expanding Drug Candidate Pipeline

A highly experienced team of medicinal chemists is working on derivatizing MT-2 and on generating novel groups of small molecule compounds with diverse pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. The new pipeline of candidate compounds is expected to feed the need for better treating metabolic diseases as well as for treating other diseases with mitochondrial root.


Biology Research

The biological research team is working closely with medicinal chemistry team to expand the drug candidate repertoire. In addition, the biological team is testing the efficacy of some of the lead compounds on other indications, such as metastatic tumors, in rodent models.

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