Based on its approach described in the Drug Discovery section, Mito Biopharma has advanced its synthetic program to several different classes of lead compound development. Our initial MT1 series, based primarily on the structure and knowhow related to Niclosamide and its mechanism of mitochondrial uncoupling (see Our Technology), has advanced to in vivo characterization and is currently in lead compound profiling. A second, e.g. MB5 series, has advanced our knowhow in mitochondrial uncoupling to a differentiating profile which may allow options as to therapeutic targeting.  This series has currently advanced to in vivo testing.  A third series explores the benefits of prodrug approaches and provides further options in their application.

Our focus for the above programs continues to prioritize therapeutic applications primarily in NASH and type 2 diabetes. Going forward, we anticipate exploring other therapeutic applications consistent with the core platform technology.