Drug Discovery

Mito Biopharma has relied during its formative years largely on the established expertise and knowhow of its founder, Dr. Jin (see bio).  Dr. Jin has initially conducted extensive studies with a prototype drug, Niclosamide (see publications) to establish a strong preclinical proof of concept demonstrating the relevance and viability of defining a drug discovery program for IND-viable compounds.  As the testing of mitochondrial uncouplers is mechanism specialized,  Dr. Jin’s lab has established relevant in vitro screening tests and also key in vivo animal models to allow for rapid testing of potential lead compounds. Based on this capability, Mito Biopharma has signed a R&D collaboration with Rutgers University to implement a drug discovery program utilizing existing synthetic chemistry expertise in synergy with screening capabilities established in the Jin lab which is currently ongoing. More recently, Mito Biopharma has enhanced its discovery program with outside CRO expertise to allow rapid synergy to transition to lead compound characterization. Mito Biopharma anticipates IND filing of such compound in 2018.